Student loan applications due July 1st and Dec 1st

Philosophy and Guidelines

Colonel Springs understood that a good education is critical for improving quality of life. In fact, he believed this so strongly that he began giving interest-free student loans out of his own pocket in 1942 when the Springs Foundation was created.

Since that time, the student loan program has become a mainstay of the Foundation’s operations, lending more than $9 million to just over 8,400 students.

The student loan program helps students achieve a post-secondary education in two different ways: through attendance at a four-year, accredited, degree-granting senior college or university in South Carolina or through attendance at York Technical College in Rock Hill. Students must live in, or their parents must be employed in, Lancaster County, Fort Mill Township or Chester Township.



Please click on the link below to apply.


Once the application is complete, please send your documents in a PDF version. Pictures will not be accepted.

You can then email them to

If you are unable to email the documents, please send them by mail to:
Springs Close Foundation
168 Skipper St
Fort Mill, SC 29715

Or call for a time to drop them off at 803-548-2012.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Karen Yarborough at
803-548-2012 or email at

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